Bayonetta Review

Score: 96 / 100
Good: Tight pacing, solid controls, satisfying challenge, very unique concepts and art
Bad: Maybe too much sexual imagery, ludicrous plot
Reviewed On: Xbox360

The Backdrop...

Platinum Games has dropped one of the first great games of the new decade. The game is directed by Hideki Kamiya, of “Devil May Cry” and “Okami” fame, and it's clear that he has not lost his spark. From the frantic action to the over-the-top plot it is clear that Bayonetta is the spiritual successor to the Devil May Cry series.

The game stars a witch known as Bayonetta who traverses the world fighting against an army of angels in a quest for a gem known as the Right Eye of the World. While on her quest she'll find an array of allies, such as the hellish bartender Rodin, and a horde of enemies such as army of angels and the mysterious Jeanne.

Let's Get Down to Gameplay...

This is action gaming at its finest. Everything from the controls to the games pacing feels right. The game has your basic selections of punch, kick, shoot, and jump, along with a dodge feature. Dodging is key, as nearly anything thrown at you can be dodged and successful dodging will result in the activation of “Witch-Time” (Bayonetta's bullet time equivalent). This will allow you to defeat your foes while they appear to be at a stand-still.

There is also a collection aspect to the game. Bayonetta collects halos from defeated enemies that can be traded in for usable items such as health recovery lolipops, accessories, and new techniques. Along with halos you'll also find pieces of broken records, the vinyl kind, that when completed grant you a new weapon. This adds a feeling of character creation and customization to the game. Your Bayonetta can be built in a way that makes her unlike anyone else's.

The Visuals...

The game looks great but the style is what's most important here. Taking place in an alternate reality, the game focuses on a series of modern-day cities, classical European villages, and various planes of existence. While the game isn't jaw dropping in terms of realism, or surrealism, it gets the job done and always manages to look cool in a way that's entirely unexplainable.

The Disappointments....

The only issues I noticed were the lack of a comprehensible story and the fact that nearly everything is "sexualized." Something just feels a little exploitive about Bayonetta whipping out moves that are straight out of a gentleman's club to simply pull a lever. There are also some gameplay moments that feel a little unnecessary, but they never last long enough to become a serious issue.


Bayonetta is an amazing game. From the frantic gameplay to the extravagantly unique visual style to the amazing soundtrack, the game never stops being pure fun. While there are some hiccups here and there, nothing ever detracts from the game's overall sense of pure joy. Bayonetta is a fine game that will hopefully sprout into a fine series. If you have a hunger for fast paced action, Bayonetta is the game for you.

- Michael Wafford

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