A Thought On Indie Games

So why do you buy a next gen system? Well obviously you are buying it to play some kick ass beautiful games. But then the question is which one to go with? I think it has recently come down to whether you want to play Halo / Gears of War or Metal Gear Solid / Final Fantasy / Gran Turismo. At least that is the mindset that I have had when purchasing my consoles. I know that FF jumped ship, but we will leave it there for prosperity sake.

The gaming industry just seems to be full of big name titles and I think it is killing the room for creative growth. No, I don’t want to play another MOH, COD, Quake, UT, Rainbow Six, or Soul Calibur title. I want something new and innovative.

A big problem that I see with the industry, as it stands right now, is that if there is no potential to make a sequel no support is given. I am not saying that I hate sequels, I am just saying that gaming companies beat them into the ground and it frustrates the hell out of me.

I could almost blame the movie industry for this as well. When did out society become obsessed with sequels? I understand that there are some games / movies that merit a trilogy, or what have you, but everyone seems to take it that one step further. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is easier to add code to an existing game, use an existing storyline is easier than making a new one, and they know we will eat it up.

I think what I am suggesting here is that we all need to be giving those indie games a try. Yes, I know a lot of indie games suck, but that is because they aren’t being given the chance or the money to grow into something great. Also, supporting the mod scene can only lead to better games for all. I mean look at Red Orchestra. That game went from UT mod to Steam blockbuster.

I’ll end by saying this. One company that I see trying to break this trend of non-innovation is NCsoft. Granted they have released more versions of Lineage II then us westerners seem to care about. But they are making a giant effort to be innovative and fresh. So NCsoft, I salute you. Kudos. In fact everyone should check out their line of games they offer: Click Here

- Tyler Sanders (Chiko)

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