Quakecon Update #1

Day 2 (08-05-2011)
Quakecon is officially in full swing. On thursday they unveiled the Ventrilo raffle car to be a Hennessey-tuned Ford F150 Velociraptor. If that means nothing to you, it’s got a 605HP Triton V8 with twin centrifugal superchargers and a SERIOUS suspension upgrade. After all is said and done the car is easily capable of driving offroad on almost any terrain at its top speed of 110MPH. The car was originally a concept that Ford decided to put out there for the crazy customer to buy and Hennessey took it and offered two tiers of tuning. The Velociraptor 600 is the first tier and the Velociraptor 800 is a 810HP variation. This truck has RAGE decals on it and sports a bright orange paintjob.

This is my third Quakecon, and I have to say that it’s definitely changed- not really for better or wose. I used to see this event as an outlet for Id to promote their upcoming titles and help promising upcoming developers become known. Gaming product vendors would show up and try to raise interest with demonstrations of their products, and ultimately it seemed like Id and everyone else was there to have fun. Zenimax has evolved Quakecon into a conduit for their gaming studios' new products and any vendors that set up shop to sell games and gaming products. It’s become more about selling games and less about gaming itself.

I also feel the need to note that typical to Quakecon, as I write this people are shouting out various whooping noises and the phrase “Woo woo woo -- you know it!” is repeated ad infinitum. More to come after I wake up on the 6th.

-Colin “UncleSlam” Logan

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