Red Dead Redemption Review

Score: 98 / 100
Good: Live the old west, outstanding graphics, smooth and sexy gameplay, tons of weapons, elegant horse riding / breaking system, amazing combat, phenomenal multiplayer
Bad: Multiplayer menus
Reviewed On: PS3

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Whatever Happened to the Puzzle Genre?

Is it wrong to enjoy a video game that doesn't rely on graphics, but on a solid story that requires mental aptitude to puzzle out? Is it wrong to be disgusted at franchises that pump out the same title year after year, yet deliver only a few superficial changes in each rendition? Is anyone else as angry as I am that all the big titles in console games these days are First Person Shooters? As you can see, I am one seriously disgruntled consumer. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Call of Duty as much as the next guy, but the same type game gets old fast.

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Samsung XL2370 23 inch LCD Monitor Review

Overall Score: 78 / 100
Good: Really slim design, Cheap LCD(LED) display, Samsung quality, super light weight
Bad: Terrible viewing angle, Standard Samsung glossy reflection of anything around the edge of the screen, Unresponsive touch menus, Can find a better LCD for cheaper, Little to no tilt stand

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Frozen Synapse Interview

LGR: We are talking with Paul and Ian, from Mode7 Games, about Frozen Synapse. So to begin, who are you and what do you do within the company and for Frozen Synapse?

PAUL: We are Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham, and we co-own Mode 7 Games. That sounds very grand, but there's only one other person in the company apart from us: our Lead Tester, Art Assistant and Level Designer Robin!

Ian is the Lead Designer and writes pretty much all of the code, as well as doing some boring admin stuff for which I am eternally grateful.

I do a miscellaneous collection of tasks: art direction; biz dev; marketing and PR; audio and music, and some different boring admin stuff!

Sometimes we all have too much on our plates, but that's the nature of a small company.

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Mass Effect 2 Review

Score: 98 / 100
Good: Unprecedented dialogue, Action packed 3rd person shooting, movie quality graphics, deep storyline, rich and intuitive easy to follow RPG elements...just read the review.
Bad: Hunting for resources can get a little old
Reviewed On: PC

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Dark Void Review

Score: 79 / 100
Good: Unique 'vertical fighting' elements, neat jetpack features, beautiful graphics
Bad: Sub-par storyline, frustrating flying elements, been there done that 3rd person shooting
Reviewed On: PC

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Bayonetta Review

Score: 96 / 100
Good: Tight pacing, solid controls, satisfying challenge, very unique concepts and art
Bad: Maybe too much sexual imagery, ludicrous plot
Reviewed On: Xbox360

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