Trine Interview

Mr. Lauri Hyvärinen, Designer and CEO of Frozenbyte, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had about Trine.

LGR Nexus: What is Trine?

Mr. Hyvärinen: Trine is an adventure/puzzle action game where three heroes stumble upon a mysterious object which binds their souls, allowing only one of them to be outside at a time. During the game the player needs to solve various physics-based puzzles and fight against a horde of undead monsters who are threatening the kingdom.

LGR Nexus: What is the lore behind Trine?

Mr. Hyvärinen: After binding the characters to the artifact (the Trine), the journey begins, during which the heroes find out that the kingdom has been left without a king and the undead are rising. Our heroes have to find out why this is happening at the same time as they ponder how to get free from each other, and what is the object's part in all this. All the while battling the undead, which is sometimes easier said than done!

LGR Nexus: Was the game built around the lore or the other way around?

Mr. Hyvärinen: I would say the game was there first, but of course some elements of the game were made after the story was set. We knew the general setting and tone of the story at the very beginning of the project, though, and I think this atmosphere really shows in the game.

LGR Nexus: Why was it decided to make Trine into a side-scroller?

Mr. Hyvärinen: It was a natural progression for us after the Shadowgrounds series, as those games too had two-dimensional gameplay. It has many advantages and it allowed us to focus on solid gameplay elements and create uncompromised quality even with our small team.

LGR Nexus: What are some key features that set Trine apart from other side-scrollers?

Mr. Hyvärinen: Physics-based gameplay and puzzles, three totally different characters and the overall fairytale atmosphere. These three are the biggest I would say.

LGR Nexus: Are there different characters to play throughout the game?

Mr. Hyvärinen: The Knight, the Wizard and the Thief are the three characters the player can use throughout the game, and while the player can only have one of them out of the Trine at a time, switching between the characters is completely free and fast. To give you an example, you can jump from a ledge and switch from the Thief to the Knight, and crush a skeleton standing below (because the Knight can crush enemies whereas the other characters can't).

LGR Nexus: Is every character needed to complete the game or can you play as one character throughout?

Mr. Hyvärinen: The game is meant to be played with all the three characters, but I would imagine it's possible to play the entire game through with the Wizard only, and even maybe with the Thief. The Knight is more of a fighter, so he might get stuck in certain levels. He's not the sharpest sword in the armory, if you know what I mean...

LGR Nexus: Is there multiplayer in Trine?

Mr. Hyvärinen: There is a local co-op with two or three players, where each player has a certain character, or two players can freely switch to the third available character. Multiplayer brings nice changes to single player, as you need to figure out a solution which all characters can use, or at least work out a different solution for each member of the party. (There is no online multiplayer in the game.)

LGR Nexus: Are there any talks about a sequel?

Mr. Hyvärinen: Trine has been a moderate success so far, so we are definitely considering a sequel or other new journeys in the Trine universe... We'll see what happens! :)

LGR Nexus: What are some of the ways people can purchase Trine?

Mr. Hyvärinen: The PS3 version is available in European and North American PlayStation Stores, and the PC version is available through multiple online channels like Steam as well as in box-form at selected retailers in both North America, Europe and in some Asian countries.

- LGR Nexus would like to extend a big thanks to Mr. Hyvärinen and the team. Thanks!

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